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Adult Meisner Intensive Overview

NOTE:  For schedule, payment info and to enroll, please visit this page.

The Meisner Acting Program, led by Meisner Certified Instructor Eugenie Bondurant, is a multi-layered approach to acting which focuses on developing truthful communication through interlocking exercises.  Actors will refine their skills of observation, become more alert to responses and learn how to engage immediately and directly with their partner. The beauty of the Meisner Method is that each actor starts at the same level regardless of experience. This class, like all acting classes requires dedication, trust and hard work.


Starting with building block progression exercises, the actor learns how to become authentically available to their partner and the scene. The focus turns from them to what is happening right here and now with circumstances and environment.


Meisner Classes integrate well with Andi Matheny’s Acting Core Exercise Classes and Scene Study Classes.  Returning students who have completed one level may proceed to the next level in the Meisner Grouping.  Meisner students are welcome to take Adult Core or Scene Study classes, either concurrently or during a separate session.


Meisner 1 and 2:

Class curriculum includes the beginning core Meisner Acting Exercises designed specifically to advance step by step through the Meisner Program. Classes include warm-up improvisation, followed by core Meisner Acting Exercises. Assigned homework will include practicing with fellow actors outside of class, either in person or online, and prepared improvisational scene work.  The

amount of time put into the homework is a direct reflection of the forward momentum of the actor. A dedicated journal, water, comfortable shoes are suggested for each class.


Meisner 3 and upward

The premise of the class is to embody the power of real listening and give students the skills to achieve what Sanford Meisner described as “living truthfully under artificial circumstances.”

Meisner 3 starts with the advancement of the Activity “in the extreme” and then takes a deep dive into character development, personalization, monologue and scene work.

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