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Dialect Workshop with Peter Warnock -

NOTE: This workshop is currently sold out - to get on the wait list please email

Through the miracle of Zoom online classes, now you get a chance to learn a British accent from a real Brit based in London!  For the first time ever, we're offering this special Dialect Workshop with voice and accent specialist Peter Warnock!


Had enough of Brits stealing American roles and want to return the favour?!  Then this accent class is exactly what you're looking for...


These highly practical and intensive workouts will help you discover, explore and perfect a range of British accents including: heightened RP (think 'The Crown'), a contemporary standard English, and a modern London sound. This is an excellent way to extend your castability and range as an actor. 

Suitable for newcomers, and for those who've attended previous workshops in the accent series as each workshop will explore new sounds, speeches and scenes from contemporary theatre, TV and film.


These accent classes will include:


* Trigger words and phrases you can use as an 'in' to quickly understand the mouth placement and   mouth movements of British accents.

* The tools to approach each accent physically, understanding how each accent has its own physicality.  We'll utilize gestures, stance and walks that will help you access and embody these accents.

* A detailed breakdown of accent sounds to increase your awareness of tongue and mouth movement, as well as vowel sounds and length.  We’ll explore new sounds in each session, as well as continuing to work on sounds you’ve come across before until you can nail them.

* Expert live feedback and direction to improve your sound and technique so that you can reach your long-term goals.

* Scene work, improvisation and practice delivering your self-tape slate in a London and Standard English accent

* Learn an easier approach to Shakespeare with a contemporary English sound (versus classical RP)

* Prep work and homework so that you can continue your practice in between sessions

* A full video and separate audio file of each class.


Class size is limited and will sell out - reserve your spot now!

"Peter is an excellent teacher - he knows his stuff and has a wonderful way of helping you get to the right place!" - Edward Lehmann

"Once again you have brought us guest speaker who is knowledgeable, practical, and entertaining. Really enjoyed the workshop and felt pretty good about using a British accent. And the materials Peter provided will be useful to refresh my memory if I need the accent. I also think this particular class worked really well on Zoom." - Rick Stutzel

Two Saturdays: July 25 & August 1

1 - 4pm EDT

Special introductory price $150

Age 18+ only


Peter Warnock has worked as an actor and voice over artist for over 25 years, most recently appearing in Outlander, and soon to be voicing a heavy political character in The Crown. Peter has recorded more than 10,000 voices for radio, including eight characters on the hit video game Witcher3. Theatre work includes: the RSC, ROH, and the Abbey Theatre.


Peter is also a highly technical voice and acting coach. With an MA in Voice, Accents and Singing from BSA, Peter has trained under Cicely Berry, Edda Sharpe, Kristin Linklater and Andrew Wade. Peter has worked with LAMDA, ALRA, BSA and is a regular teacher at the Actors Centre, London.  Coaching on set work includes:  The Sword Of Mordor (Warner Brothers), Bette and Joan (theatre) and on the Grammy-nominated one-woman show 'Clara Schumann’. He coaches actors in person and online in all things voice: voice demo preparation and mic technique, accents, voice character creation and acting. 

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