Acting Business 101

NOTE:  This class is taught once a year and we've already completed this workshop for 2019.  If you're interested in a future workshop, email
Taught by
Andi Matheny
Karleigh Chase
January 2020 - date TBA

Knowing how to act is important.  Knowing the business of acting is just as important!  If you're new to the business, or if you want to know how to effectively manage your career, join us for this invaluable workshop to get insights on how to navigate the acting industry.  We will be covering what you need to know as a new actor - from headshots and resumes, agent relationships and how to get an agent, demo reels, casting resources and many more fine points that can help you get that professional edge.  We are offering this workshop at a special price (TBA - early enrollment discount will apply) so invest in your career and reserve your space now!  This is for age 7 and older - parents may accompany a child for one enrollment fee!

"The Business of Acting 101 was amazing. It was more than a 101. It was more like a graduate course from two experts in the business. I call it an A to Z workshop. They did everything for us except sign our next contract on our next booking." - Wit Ostrenko


"As a newbie to acting, the Acting Business 101 class was a lifesaver. I avoided so many pitfalls and learned how to submit myself for roles, find an agent, take a great head shot, general professionalism and so much more. I'm now a professional actress, and the course definitely prepared me for that journey." - Janet Butts

"The Acting Business 101 Workshop is filled with invaluable information! It would normally take many years of acting experience to be exposed to the content they have put together. Andi and Karleigh do an amazing job presenting all this information, and make it an enjoyable eight hours! I highly recommend it!" -  Carrie Humberger

"This workshop was worth every penny. I can’t wait to start my journey!  Again, thank you so much for making this workshop possible!" - Bella Mangiafico 

Taught by Andi Matheny and Teen Coach Karleigh Chase

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