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If you're serious about an acting career, the Andi Matheny Acting Studios will give you the tools you need to succeed!  Founded in 2010 in St. Petersburg, Florida by Hollywood veteran Andi Matheny, our original mission was to bring professional-quality training to the southeast region. Even after relocating from St. Petersburg, our online classes and upcoming workshops in various locations in North America are bringing the same high-quality training at affordable prices to the entire US and beyond!


Many students with no previous acting experience are now working in the exciting TV and film industry in the southeast, with credits like David Makes Man, The Menu, Bad Monkey, Black Mirror, It, Tell Me a Story, The Right Stuff, Ozark, The Good Girls, Gifted, Hidden Figures, Jurassic World, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Mercy Street, Echoes of War, Bloodline, Talia in the Kitchen, Graceland, Under the Dome, Revolution, Nashville, Powers, Paying Mr. McGetty and many more.  Our students win awards in film festivals, appear in commercials, and are trained to give their very best at auditions and on the set.

We have developed a unique program of core exercises, now called the Act ALIVE! method, to get actors quickly connected to scripts and prepared to book roles in TV and film.  This approach is has its roots in the Stanislavski method combined with pragmatic tips—we guide you to find what works for you!  Students new to our studio begin with the exercises and progress to scene work.  The result is a high standard of acting equal to the level demanded by the competitive industry, and our booking results show it.

Our curriculum also includes improvisation.  We believe actors who know how to improvise are better actors!  Improv is used in auditions and on a set so not only are you more prepared, you have a lot of laughs in class.

We also offer special workshops throughout the year to give you more tools to succeed.  Our most popular workshop—the On-Camera Commercial Workshop—prepares you for commercial auditions.  Our Film and TV Audition Workshop is essential to learn the basics of mastering TV and film auditions.  Our Acting Business 101 Workshop is a comprehensive two-day workshop giving you the basics of how to get your career started and run your career like a business.


For auditions, we offer private online or in-person coaching. For our coaching rates, click here!

If you are serious about an acting career - at the Andi Matheny Acting Studios we are serious about helping you achieve your dreams!

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