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2018 Winter SOR Sat big 2.jpg
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In-Person Class!

Join Andi LIVE and IN-PERSON on Monday, March 25 in Clearwater, Florida for a live class: The Actor Prepares.


Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your work, and learn how to make your self-tapes STAND OUT, so you can be on the casting director's short list and BOOK WORK!

The Format

We will be focusing on TV audition scripts, learning how to mine information from the script to:

 - Find a compelling opening moment

 - Think like a filmmaker to tell the story of your character

 - Learn how to use knowledge of tone and genre for each project

 - Use actions to bring the scene to life

 - Use the exercises from the book "Act ALIVE: The Essential Guide to Igniting and Sustaining Your Working Actor Career" to personalize your key moments in the script

 - Use subtext to actively listen

 - Learn how to "mess up," so your scene feels even more spontaneous and compelling

We will be studying as a group. Actors will be randomly chosen to participate to illustrate the points

And most of all—as usual—we're going to have FUN!


- Act ALIVE books will be available for sale for $20 - a $5 discount from the Amazon listed price -


Monday, March 25

6:30 - 10pm

Location: Clearwater (address will be given upon enrollment)

$25 (payable by Zelle to






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