"I am always grateful for the experiences and lessons I received from your classes and hopefully there will be many more success stories coming our way in the near future."

- Chris Plourde, winner of Best Actor and Best Actor in a Local Film for "Protection"

"Andi taught me all the fundamentals in acting as well as lots of advanced acting knowledge and skill. I definitely would not be where I am today without her."  

Alissa Schneider, Winner "Rising Star Acting Award 2016"

Melbourne Independent Film Festival for "Paying Mr. McGetty"

After trying to break into film and television for years, I'd almost given up. With Andi's coaching, I was able to find an agent and book my first role. Her passion for the craft and experience in the business is invaluable; and has helped make my dream a reality.

Rebecca Goldman, NBC's "Good Girls"

"Andi's classes and coaching at tapings are invaluable to me. They keep me in the moment, and focused on just being that character in that environment."  Bonnie Agan, Bloodline

"Your coaching and guidance, without question, is what helped me book my latest commercial. Just like your class, you were able to make me feel comfortable and deliver exactly what was necessary." - Jeff Sheppard, Bright House Networks

"Andi has been an incredible audition coach - I have taped and booked for roles in TV and films as large as they come. She constantly pushes me outside my comfort zone, pushing my abilities to the limit, building characters with greater energy, emotion, and personality!"

- Colby B. (Jurassic World, American Ultra, Powers, Salem)

"With Andi's taping and coaching help I've booked roles I'm proud of in three feature films (Echoes of War, Walt Before Mickey, Cell) and two TV shows (Reckless, Bloodline), just in the last two years. With her fun but no-nonsense style she zeroes in on what needs to be done.  Thank you Andi for moving from Los Angeles to Tampa Bay!"

- Owen Teague

"Thanks to Andi's spot-on coaching I was cast as Willem Dafoe's mother in Bad Country and a great recurring role in Talia in the Kitchen.  I highly recommend Andi's classes to anyone serious about working in this industry."

- Pat Fisher

"After my first session with Andi I booked a feature film and a role on a new series...I just won the New York Rising Star Award 2015 for Upcoming Entertainer and Actress - thanks to you Andi!"

- Karlee Perez (Lucha Underground, Changelings)

"Andi's approach brings Hollywood to Tampa Bay.  After my first session I got an agent.  After my second, I booked a role on The Last Supper TV series.  Thanks to Andi's coaching I am at my best and always learning."

- Zachary Vazquez

"After only the 3rd time taping with Andi, I booked!  Not only is Andi is a well informed and accomplished professional, she has a genuinely helpful, comfortable energy you feel from the time you walk in the door....Thanks, Andi!"

- Andrea Crouch (Bloodline)

"Thank you Andi for always bringing out the best in me...your coaching and direction helped me book a Guest Star role on Under the Dome!"

- Raheem Babalola

"I've booked four out of my last five film auditions.  I can say with absolute certainty - if Andi is coaching, I'll be there!"

- Michele Yeager

"Since taking Andi’s classes, we have booked over 40 gigs, including roles in movies, TV series, commercials and infomercials, a music video and two live jobs.  Andi’s instruction is relevant, motivational and FUN!"

- Jann and Buzz Van Dyke

"Andi, thanks to your coaching and direction, I booked the lead female role for a film at my first audition ever! You have a real gift for bringing out the best in your actors and your classes have made all the difference. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement and support."

- Julie Schneid

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