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Adult Classes (18 and over)



At the Andi Matheny Acting Studios, our goal is to offer the highest quality training possible to prepare actors anywhere in the US (and the world) for a career as a working actor. Our studio had its beginnings in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Florida and is now currently offering online classes that focus on audition technique for film and television. 


Class curriculum includes the Act ALIVE exercises specific to our training program, scene study and improvisation.  We specialize in an accelerated method to get actors to connect quickly and truthfully to scripts. And we've cultivated a supportive and diverse environment where actors feel safe to discover and use their own uniqueness in their art.

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Students new to our studio begin with concentrated study of the Act ALIVE exercises. This training gives new actors an immediate understanding of the authenticity required for TV and film, and gives more experienced actors a quicker way to connect to a script and a greater chance of booking an audition. (For more info about the Act ALIVE program, click here!


Returning students can continue their growth in subsequent Act ALIVE classes which are constantly mixing it up with new challenges and exercises. We also offer Working Actor classes, including the popular Conquer the Co-Star classes which emphasize self-tape audition technique, and the Industry Pro classes, where actors can connect with casting directors, agents, and other industry pros to help advance their careers. 

Enrollment requirements for NEW STUDENTS: 

Agent or actor referral. Age 18 and older. If no referral available, contact us for a private interview. We may also request a monologue on tape or a video of your previous work. Do not sign up until you have scheduled an interview!  Email

Stay connected to us on our email list or on Facebook or Instagram for all class announcements!

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Act ALIVE classes - highly recommended for beginning students - click here!


All online classes focus on on-camera auditions, self-tape technique, sensory work, improv exercises and other tools for scene work.

Classes will be held on the Zoom platform. After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation, instructions and a link for your first online class.

Questions about our online format? Visit our FAQ page!

Are you wondering if an online class is right for you? Here's a testimonial:

"During this quarantine I have grown to feel more confident and comfortable with self taping. I’ve had the chance to meet and perform for major casting directors in the industry. Andi continues to adapt to circumstances and these online classes are a great example of the type of dedication, care, and education you can expect from one of the best acting coaches there is!” - Nick Masi


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