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Acting Core Exercise Weekend

This weekend was so successful the first time we offered it, we're doing it again!  Join us for the Acting Core Exercise Weekend on January 11 and 12, from noon to 5pm both days.

What are the Acting Core Exercises?  Actors may have an intellectual understanding of a basic acting principle (Substitution, Objective, Sense Memory to name a few) but when performing a scene in class, at an audition or on a set, quite often the concept stays in our head and never travels to our "gut," where we feel truly connected and can fully realize a role.  The result is flat, mechanical, lifeless.  How disappointing to know we can do so much better, if only we knew how to access our brilliant and creative spirit.  There is a gap between what we're currently able to do and what we are capable of.

Andi Matheny has developed a series of exercises to bridge this gap, so all actors are able to embrace any type of material and bring it to life.  The actors learn how to personalize scenes, how to follow their instincts, and how to get out of their heads and into a visceral connection - in other words, into their "guts."  The result is riveting and immediate - previously untrained actors look like they've had years of experience when they utilize the Core Exercise approach.

In this special weekend, Andi will lead a group of chosen applicants through these exercises.  For students enrolled in the Winter Session, it's free of charge.  For students who aren't able to join us for the session but want the Core Exercise experience, there is a low tuition fee of $150.  The weekend will be videotaped for future online classes and all participants must sign a waiver.

To apply for this very special weekend - email

For adults 18+ only!


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