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Monday Night Master Class

In the Adult Fall Session 2017 the Andi Matheny Acting Studios began offering the Monday Night Master Class for returning students who demonstrated excellence in the Acting Core Exercises, scene work, audition technique and who were looking for a challenge to bring their work to the next level. 

Curriculum includes advanced scene work and improvisation, on-camera audition technique, on-camera blocking, cold reads, monologues and challenges including dialects, classical theater and no-rehearsal scene performances.

2018 Monday Hoon Alexis Jann.jpg
2020 Master Class Scott 3.JPG

The Monday Night Master Class also incorporates guest instructors introducing a variety of disciplines, techniques and skills to give our students a broad base of knowledge in TV, film and theatre.  Past guest instructors include Tony award-nominated actress Alyson Reed, actor and acting coach Ron Nummi formerly of the Lee Strasburg Theatre & Film Institute, Eckerd College Associate Professor of Theatre and Juilliard graduate Gavin Hawk, opera singers and vocal coaches Carlo Thomas and Melissa Misener, filmmakers Scott Sullivan, Victoria Jorgensen, Fabiana Lowe and Curtis Graham, stunt coordinator and martial arts master Hoon Park, choreographer Paula Kramer, hypnotist Andrea Preisler and many more.

The requirements for acceptance into the Monday Night Master Class are rigorous - only actors serious about a full-time acting career may apply.  Requirements include but are not limited to: agent representation, at least one booking on a professional set, proficiency in on-camera auditions, memorization, improvisation and cold reading and having completed at least three regular sessions at the Andi Matheny Acting Studios, including the Acting Core Exercises.  We reserve the right to either include or exclude actors who satisfy these requirements to ensure the quality of the class.  You may not enroll or pay for the Master Class unless you have an invitation to do so.

2018 Monday Carlo.jpg
2020 Winter Master Fabiana Lowe.JPG

The Monday Night Master Class is just another way the Andi Matheny Acting Studios is constantly finding ways to provide the best training possible to all actors in Central Florida.  Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best?  If you're serious about your acting career, we are serious about providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Whether you're an experienced actor looking for a home to hone your craft, a motivated beginner setting goals of achievement, or a guest instructor with something valuable to offer - we would love to hear from you!

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