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Your not to book your next job...

Yes, you read that correctly. When you audition, not only is it not your job or your concern to book that job, it's none of your business. "Huh? What do you mean? But I'm actor - I don't just want to book that job - I need to book it. I've got rent/mortgage to pay. I've got to impress my agent. My ego needs a boost, and so does my IMDB starmeter. I want to make my ex jealous for dumping me. And...and...and..."

Look, I get it. I'm an actor too. Every time I read for a project, of course I want to book it. I also coach actors for a living and every time someone shows up at my door with the objective of "booking the job" and "this is the biggest opportunity of my life - I've got to get it" - it's usually a terrible audition. Why? Because they are so tied up and uptight about the "job" they forget the most important part - they have a job to do, and that is to make the audition a brilliant gem, regardless of the outcome.

Most of our auditions in the southeast are virtual, i.e. put on tape. That gives you an opportunity to create a performance that would show how you would fit seamlessly into that particular tv show or movie. When you have that unique opportunity to go in front of the camera, at that moment, the role is yours. You're not begging for a job - you own it. And to claim ownership of your audition, and to bring to the role the uniqueness of you - that is your job. What happens after that - well, hopefully someone has the good taste to notice the greatness that you offered. But quite often they don't, most of the time for reasons that have nothing to do with you. The point is, you have the freedom to create a memorable gem now. If you dedicate yourself to creating gems and to great work now and from this moment on, at some point it will be recognized.

"But what if I create great work and nobody hires me, ever?" Is that possible? Sure. Nothing is guaranteed in this business. There are ways to create your own opportunities (to come in a future post.) In the meantime, love what you do, find a non-soul-sucking way to pay your rent, be kind to animals and children and have great friends to have a beer with. Stay in class, keep working, binge watch TV shows with great actors. And be ready for your next gem.

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