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What does an agent expect from you? Ask an agent!

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Dear friends,

This blog contains posts about acting as a craft, as well as how to successfully navigate your acting career. In class, we always start with a discussion about the acting business—any topic that comes to mind is fair game. One that comes up often is, how do I create and maintain a relationship with my agent? Of course, I have plenty of advice from my personal experience with my agents over the years. And then I thought, why not ask an agent directly? Our friend Juliet Reeves, agent extraordinaire from 22Talent, one of the top agencies in the Southeast, has graciously weighed in. Read what she has to say. (My comments are in bold):

I think expectations can vary by agency but at 22Talent, where we pride ourselves on working closely with talent, our expectations are as follows.

We work hard to get auditions for our talent so, when you get those invitations, whether it’s via Cmail, email, or a Casting Networks invite, please look it over as soon as possible. Read the details and confirm or decline as soon as you can. After, and only after, you’ve carefully read all of the available information, if you still have questions, please email (yes, email, don’t call, don’t text. Your agents LIVE in their emails—at least we do) and ask. (Every agent has a preference whether they communicate via text or email. I've noticed some students live by text only and never send emails nor check their email inbox. If you're not an emailer, you'll probably have to start getting used to it!)

I do notice, quite often, I’ll send auditions out and within 5 minutes I’ll get questions regarding a detail that is indeed, answered on the casting details. This can tie up a lot of your agent's time. Keep in mind, if many of you are doing that while we are on the phone or answering emails about a question that is already answered in the audition info, we are wasting precious time we need to submit and pitch you. (Pay attention to this HUGE point. Time is money, and one of the biggest pet peeves is wasting time because you did not take the time to read instructions thoroughly. This is a guaranteed way to get on your agent's bad side!)

But please do ask us if you absolutely cannot find the answer. We are a team! We want to see you succeed because that’s how we succeed! Which brings me to my next topic. Submissions: we are going to submit you as much as possible in your demographic. We don’t play favorites and we want to see ALL of our talent succeed. I’ve had conversations with talent from other agencies thinking that’s not the case. I assure you, it is. Get in touch with your agent. Connect. They’re busy but they are rooting for you! Essentially, we need you as much or more than you need us! We value you and I’ve not met an agent who is not in your corner. My expectations are for you to confirm those auditions, do your best, communicate, trust your agents. My expectations are not about you booking. That’ll come but we also know this business is tough. We believe in you and that’s why we represent you! (Yes, you are a team! And I will add, do communicate with your agent when you need to, but keep your communication—via email, usually—professional and to the point.)

I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments below!


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